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March 2016

The squelchy, robotic EP Return to Mechanics by CoH (Ivan Pavlov) will be released in June on the Ge-stell label, in advance of an LP to be released on Editions Mego later this year.

New EP Return to Mechanics by CoH (Ivan Pavlov) will be released in June on the Ge-stell label. The digital version comes out March 20 and contains alternate versions of the vinyl tracks and remixes by Brandon Nickell and Cameron Shafii.

The final track on CoH's forthcoming Editions Mego release, Music VOL. is titled “Return to Mechanics”, connecting the two, but this EP contains a set of bouncy, slouchy robotic grooves, full of tweeps and pneumatic, rubberised squelches that were too energetic to be contained on the Editions Mego LP.

Pavlov says: "I was making a quiet record for [Editions] Mego, decidedly, but never limited myself when I would start making pieces. For Ge-stell, I took all those that felt they would be too loud for [Editions] Mego. Having never made only quiet songs, I definitely was thirsty for making something loud… and the other way around. So these two records in a way come as a pair, even if totally different. [Return to Mechanics] is about sound... about the brave machinery of sound."

To celebrate the release, CoH will be going on his first ever tour in the US with Nickell and Shafii. His only previous US performances were at Unsound NY in 2011, and in 2005, as Chessmachine, a collaboration with Richard Chartier. Tour dates include: San Francisco F8 (11 March), Los Angeles Human Resources (12), Phoenix The Rebel Lounge (13), San Diego TBA (14), location TBA (15), Seattle Kremwerk (17), Portland S1 (18—19).



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