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Listen to a new collaboration by Soundspecies & Ache Meyi

June 2017

Following their performance at Manana festival in 2016, the UK producer duo and Cuban band release a full length album together

The premise behind Manana festival, which took place for the first time last year in Santiago de Cuba, was to introduce local musicians to electronic artists from around the world to create a brand new live experience. One of these pairings was between Santiago's established bembe ensemble Ache Meyi, lead by Hector Leliebre Borjas, and brothers Henry and Olly Keen, also known as Soundspecies.

This LP is the third release to come from the festival's eponymous imprint and is a culmination of recordings made at Santiago's EGREM studios during the two weeks leading up to the performance and some samples captured from the live set itself.

Soundspecies And Ache Meyi is available 30 June via Manana



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