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Listen to an exclusive mix by Botany

November 2016

The Texan producer presents a freewheeling collage featuring Pharoah Sanders, Broadcast, Colleen and more

Growing up outside Fort Worth in Texas, Spencer Stephenson aka Botany began experimenting with music in his teens, using borrowed equipment and recording software. He studied jazz drumming, piano and guitar before dropping out of college to focus on his own music. The Botany EP was released via Western Vinyl in 2011, followed by 2013’s ambitious Lava Diviner (Truestory). Relocating to Austin shortly after, he released his second album, the hiphop influenced Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw, in 2015.

Stephenson's latest album Deepak Vebera represents a departure from his previous work, being a rich, flowing collage of sounds and textures. The album was reviewed in The Wire 393 by Ken Hollings, who said, “This is, in other words, what you had hoped ‘random’ would sound like before chance taught you some of its crueller lessons about giving up control and preference… It’s not where this music is coming from that matters, but where it is going.”

This exclusive mix for The Wire mirrors the lush expansiveness of Deepak Verbera, similarly demonstrating Stephenson's affection for spiritual jazz.


Pharoah Sanders “Greeting To Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner)”
Benoit Pioulard “Ruth”
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir “Arc Descents: The Fall”
Rashied Ali “Seraphic Light (Drum Solo)”
Broadcast & The Focus Group “Ritual/Looking In”
Semya “Earthworm”
Cory Allen “Divine Waves”
Roland Kirk Quartet “I Talk With The Spirits”
Brainticket “Jardins/Rainbow”
TOTAL “Colloquial Sunset Music”
Vibracathedral Orchestra “A Mirrored Pyramid (For JS)”
Four Tet “Watching Wavelength”
Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm “Welldone”
Ahnnu “Relative Research”
Do While “Dancing On Diamond Water”
Don Cherry “Utopia & Visions”
Cults Percussion Ensemble “Circles”
Bing & Ruth “The Towns We Love Is Our Towns”
Melting Season “Pre Sleep”
Matthewdavid feat Niki Randa “Floor Music”
Colleen “I Was Deep In a Dream And I Didn't Know It”
Windy & Carl “Elevation”
Chushi “Fireflies”

Deepak Verbera is released by Western Vinyl

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