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Listen to Bullion's debut Loop The Loop

February 2016

In an exclusive stream for The Wire, hear the avant-pop producer's debut LP

In 2007, the West London based Bullion, aka Nathan Jenkins, went viral with his 2007 bootleg, Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee, which reworked Beach Boys songs in the style of J Dilla. He followed this with a string of singles and remixes, and the Rooster EP: a wild mix of experiments in skewed, Flying Lotus-style syncopation, proggy complexity and minimal, earwormish keyboard lines.

Loop The Loop is Jenkins's first full length album, out now on DEEK, the "Pop, no slop!" label that he has been co-running with Mikey Stirton since 2012. DEEK is home to oddballs like Laura Groves, who contributes backing vocals on "Get To The Heart Of It", and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Hackett, Jenkins's partner in the group Blludd and another player on this album.

While its beats can be part grime, part hiphop, or part plain wonky, and sometimes all three in the same song, Loop The Loop also draws on three decades' worth of synthy, weirdo pop tics that were too off to trouble the charts much, but created cult followings. You can hear echoes of New Musik and Bebop Deluxe here, and even some Buggles: 1980s sheen undercut with unpindownable slipperiness.

Reviewing the album in The Wire 385, Katrina Dixon writes: "Beyond the cocktails by the infinity pool smoothness of "My Lar" or "Speed" there's several layers of magpie steals – Roxy Music, "Fashion"-era Bowie, mid-80s one-hit wonders, Giorgio Moroder. In meshing the dusty and the digital, Bullion does a nifty bit of skewed blending."

Loop The Loop is released on 26 February by DEEK. You can read Katrina Dixon on Bullion, as well as hundreds of other reviews, features, interviews and more, via the The Wire online archive.

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