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Listen to extracts from Bołt Records' Populista Presents series

January 2012

Listen to three impressions of the work of Schumann, Kagel and Ferrari, by Bernhard Schütz & Reinhold Friedl, Frédéric Blondy & DJ Lenar, and Rinus Van Alebeek respectively.

Bołt Records' Michał Libera curated a three CD series of musician's responses to a selection of other composer's work: Bernhard Schütz & Reinhold Friedl Play Robert Schumann: Dichterliebe, Frédéric Blondy & DJ Lenar Play Mauricio Kagel: Ludwig Van and Rinus Van Alebeek Plays Luc Ferrari: Cycle Des Souvenirs.

Bołt Records' Populista Presents series is out now and is reviewed by Philip Clark in The Wire 334.


Somehow I am not impressed with it. Either I am too old for it or something is definitely wrong with this man.

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