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Stream Oranssi Pazuzu's "Vasemman Käden Hierarkia"

February 2016

Listen to a track from Finnish metal outfit Oranssi Pazuzu's fourth album Värähtelijä

Following their last album Valonielu, Finnish group Oranssi Pazuzu serve up a new blend of progressive psychedelia and black metal. Adopting the name of a Babylonian demon, the group formed in 2007, with Ontto on bass, drummer Korjak, Evill on synths and vocalist and guitarist Jun-His. Their debut album Muukalainen Puhuu was released in 2009 by independent Finnish label Violent Journey Records. They followed it two years later with Kosmonument and Valonielu in 2013.

Värähtelijä, is released on 26 February via Svart Records and is set to be reviewed in the upcoming April issue of The Wire by Joseph Stannard.


Great mixture. Love it

they're much progessive-metal

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