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Listen to The Flexibles’ debut album

June 2016

Pink Everything is the first album from a new trio featuring Richard Youngs, Sorley Youngs and Andrew Paine

The Flexibles are the trio of Richard Youngs and his son Sorley plus Scottish underground music veteran Andrew Paine. Their debut album Pink Everything is part concept work about space travel, with tracks such as “Space Base” and “War With Humanoid”, and part rock power trio workout. The multi-talented Sorley features as a songwriter and guitarist on the record; he can also be seen playing football in Richard Youngs’s recent music video “Back From A World Changing”.

This is The Flexibles’ first album for the Glasgow based Night School Records label, whose head Michael Kasparis writes about Tina Turner’s "What's Love Got To Do With It" in The Inner Sleeve column (The Wire 389).


Remarkable. Sorley sounding like some re-incarnated M.E.Smith (Sorely, Surely)... these words I assume penned in collab with Dad?

One of the best things I've heard this year - OK to playlist this on FM here in Oregon USA?

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