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Listen to three forthcoming tracks by Anti-Pop Consortium founding member Beans

March 2017

The avant rap artist and Kiss fan is about to release three new albums and a novel. Listen to one track from each of them

Following a five year hiatus, New York rapper Beans is about to release a trilogy of albums and a novel to boot. The White Plains raised rapper has been rhyming since he was a teen. He met his future Anti-Pop Consortium colleagues at a Rap Meets Poetry series in SoHo. Together with High Priest, M Sayyid and Earl Blaize, the group made four albums released by Warp Records, 75 Ark and others, before they went their separate ways in 2002, and Beans started his solo career. He cites Suicide, Sun Ra, Mantronix, Sonic Youth, Public Enemy and Autechre as influences.

Called Wolves Of The World, Love Me Tonight and HAAST, his album trilogy features collaborations with producers such as Interpol’s Sam Fog, Gobby, Laurel Halo, Container, Ben Chisholm,Tobacco, Cult Favorite’s Elucid, Pete Swanson, Ay Fast, Snake ZVK and Christopher Auberbach-Brown. The third in the series is HAAST, which took its name from an extinct species of eagle that resided in New Zealand around 1400. Its subject matter, however, deals with issues of violence towards Black America. Beans’s first novel Die Tonight tells the story of Eric Ford, “a teenage loner who gets possessed by a record, goes on a killing spree, and finds himself”.

Here you can check out a track apiece from the three albums:

“Diamond Wizard” from Wolves Of The World

“Blasteriod” from Love Me Tonight

“Brown Mountain Lights” from HAAST

The three albums will be released by Beans’s own label Tygr Rawwk on 31 March

Correction: The original text for this article stated that Anti-Pop Consortium released on Big Dada records before the group separated in 2002. The group actually released on Big Dada after they reunited in 2007.


"...the group made four albums released by Warp Records and Big Dada before they went their separate ways in 2002"

Their only album on Big Dada came out in 2009. They got back together in 2007 and toured a lot.

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