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Supercollider 140

October 2009

Download a selection of audio pieces composed of twitter-sized snippets of SuperCollider code

It started as a curious project, when live coding enthusiast and Toplap member Dan Stowell started tweeting tiny snippets of musical code using SuperCollider. Pleasantly surprised by the reaction, and "not wanting this stuff to vanish into the ether" he has recently collated the best pieces into a special download for The Wire's online readership here.

Many of these pieces are actually generative, so if you re-run the source code (the track titles) you get a new piece of music.

Nathaniel Virgo ( is studying for a PhD in thermodynamics and the origins of life, and creates live audio-visual performances by interacting with complex dynamical processes.

LFSaw ( is a researcher as well as a media artist. His artistic work focuses on tangible auditory systems and just-in-time programming, attempting to capture the relationship of space, sound and vision. As a research associate at the Ambient Intelligence Group at CITEC, Bielefeld, Germany, he works on the integration of auditory displays with tangible interfaces.

Tim Walters ( lives in San Francisco, publishes his music (based on years of Artificial Stupidity research) under the name Shalmaneser, and hopes someday to be a real live boy.

Batuhan Bozkurt ( is a sound artist and programmer living in Istanbul. He tries to achieve organizational command on various time scales of sound by building composition and live performance frameworks and interfaces.

Thor Magnusson ( is an Icelandic writer, musician and artist/programmer who researches the impact of digital technologies on musical creativity and practices. In 2000, he co-founded the ixi Audio collective, which won the Lomus 2008 International Music Software Contest for their ixiQuarks software.

Charlie Hoistman ( obsessively tinkers with sound and algorithmic composition in his spare time. His alter-ego is a visual artist and interface designer.

MCLD ( is a beatboxer, computer musician and researcher. He is currently studying for a PhD at Queen Mary University of London, where he is developing techniques to use voice sounds such as beatboxing to control electronic instruments. Live, he combines beatboxing with live-coding: solo, and in the duo Spoonfight.

Julian Rohrhuber ( is a German artist and theorist, working in the fields of cultural theory, philosophy and media art. His diverse art projects include installations and performances, film sound tracks, a system for interactive sound programming, and various collaborative and network art pieces. He currently works in a research project at the University Cologne, and at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where he teaches algorithmic acoustics and works on art theory, programming and philosophy.

Jose Padovani ( was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He has studied composition and musical analysis with Rogério Vasconcelos, Sérgio Freire, Oiliam Lanna, Silvio Ferraz, Rodolfo Caesar (Brazil), Edgar Alandia (Italy), Emmanuel Nunes (Portugal) and Claude Ledoux (France).

Jason Dixon ( is an Irish composer currently based in Norwich, England, where he is working on a PhD in Composition with Simon Waters at the University of East Anglia. Jason is a keen improviser, circuit-bender and SuperCollider enthusiast. He performs regularly as a solo artist and with others. He has a weird obsession with mutants.

redFrik ( performs tricks with sound, visuals and electronics. He has earlier studied composition and trumpet and used to write music for big bands. Currently he is much more into audiovisual performances and computer programming.

Sciss ( is the artist name of German composer, performer and software developer Hanns Holger Rutz. Born in 1977, he has studied computer music and audio engineering at the Technical University Berlin. In 2004 he moved to Weimar, where is holding the position of artistic assistant at the Studio of electroacoustic Music (SeaM) at the Franz Liszt school of music. His current interests have moved towards sound installation and live improvisation.

Andrea Valle ( studied musical composition with Alessandro Ruo Rui, Azio Corghi, Marco Stroppa, Trevor Wishart, and is now a researcher at the Uniersity of Torino's Department of Fine Arts, Music and Performative Arts. As a composer, he is interested in algorithmic strategies, both for electronic and acoustic media. As a performer, he practices radical improvisation both with bass and laptop. Recently he developed a 24-piece percussion ensemble entirely operated by micro-controllers.

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