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Archive Portal: Kodwo Eshun's columns

February 2015

In the second instalment of our new series of online posts shining a light into some of the more obscure corners of The Wire's back issues archive, Derek Walmsley picks six columns by Kodwo Eshun in which the future Turner Prize nominee forged a new style of writing about dance music and club culture

The critic, theorist and member of the Turner Prize nominated Otolith Group Kodwo Eshun began writing for The Wire in 1992, and quickly forged an original and highly influential style making connections between textual analysis, science fiction and postcolonial thought in the magazine's Club Licks and Club Trax columns.

In these selected columns from the magazine, published between 1992–95, Kodwo divines signs of life in house, rare groove and acid jazz in the pre-rave era; theorises the techno-pagan 12"s of Future Sound Of London and Jam & Spoon; relates Detroit techno to Shelley and the black romantic imagination; and dives into the hyperkinetic magick of the heydey of jungle.

Kodwo Eshun: Club Licks
The Wire 101 (July 1992)
Tripping the light fantastic with FSOL

Kodwo Eshun: Club Licks
The Wire 104 (October 1992)
House and rare groove

Kodwo Eshun: Club Licks
The Wire 105 (November 1992)
Relating Shelley and Detroit techno

Kodwo Eshun: Club Trax
The Wire 112 (June 1993)
More Detroit techno

Kodwo Eshun: Club Trax
The Wire 116 (October 1993)
Beginnings of jungle

Kodwo Eshun: Club Trax
The Wire 134 (April 1995)
Heydey of Jungle

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