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May 2012

Follow Atom™ aka Señor Coconut aka Uwe Schmidt's choice picks of the web.

Rupert Sheldrake The biologist and writer Rupert Sheldrake has been an inspiration to me ever since I discovered his work in the early 90s. Every now and then he makes interesting modifications of his basic theories, such as morphic resonance and other work in psychical research and parapsychology. Check out the experiment with the bird that can read the mind of its owner.

Portable Palace Evelina Domnitch and Dimitry Gelfand develop pieces of art that appear to be science and vice versa. One of their most astonishing projects is called Sonolevitation, where they make tiny leaves of gold float on a sound wave.

Synapse Synapse was an early electronic music magazine. Some time ago they scanned all their issues and made them available online. It's not only an interesting site to find old interviews or articles about gear from back in the days, but also gives a great insight on the changes electronic music has undergone since then.

Bruce Forat Okay, this one is a bit nerdy. Bruce Forat is the guy who maintains and modifies Linn Drums and also pimps up all kinds of drum machines and synths. He's the one I have on the phone every couple of months, when one of my drum machines has gone bad. We do troubleshooting over the phone and he can point you to a loose chip just by describing the malfunctioning sound of the machine. It's an entertaining website too just for the sake of confirming that most hip hop producers do have bad taste. The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artefacts in digital form. I admit it's designed oddly, yet once that aspect is gotten over one can find quite some interesting stuff there... if you're interested in history, that is.

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