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The Portal from Issue 361

Ellen Fullman's Portal

February 2014

The inventor of the long string instrument joins forces with her partner and collaborator Theresa Wong in selecting her top websites. Fullman is in The Wire 361 Invisible Jukebox, tested on the sounds of treehoppers, Memphis gongs and the search for resonance.

The Portal from Issue 359

South African Jazz Portal

January 2014

Francis Gooding, reviewer of the recently published book Keeping Time 1964–1974: The Photographs And Cape Town Jazz Recordings Of Ian Bruce Huntley, shares online resources on the South African jazz scene.

The Portal

Way Through’s Portal

December 2013

Pastoral punk duo of Claire Titley and Christopher Tipton guide us through online resources of unofficial histories, potent topographies and resonant field recordings.

The Portal from Issue 358

Robert Beatty's Portal

November 2013

Follow Hair Police and Three Legged Race's noise man Robert Beatty as he cuts a path through the digital jungle through experimental animations and electronic scores.

The Portal from Issue 358

Matt Lyne's Portal

November 2013

The Diskotopia label co-founder and British ex-pat living in Japan shares aspects of his adopted home that escape common knowledge and debunk ideas of wacky-Japan.

The Portal from Issue 357

The Doomed Bird Of Providence's Portal

November 2013

The Doomed Bird Of Providence's lead man Mark Kluzek relates a selection of sites dedicated to Australia's colonial past, and fodder for his dark and violent ballads. The Doomed Bird Of Providence's Blind Mouths Eat album is reviewed in The Wire 357.

The Portal from Issue 357

Stewart Home's Portal

October 2013

The novelist and writer of The Wire 357's Epiphanies article talks Italian social commentary, fascism, the many worlds of Chus Martinez, and where partying and politics meet.

The Portal

Portal: Artist Emma Hart

August 2013

The visual artist currently exhibiting at Camden Arts Centre shares her current reading and viewing habits, and how Daffy Duck can be an antidote to austere minimalism.

The Portal

Helena Hauff's Portal

July 2013

The Hamburg based DJ and musician shares her favourite links to tales and projects on the seen and the unseen, spectograms and unheard sounds.