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Smiley Culture 1963-2011/Lyricmaker Mix

Derek Walmsley

I'm saddened and shocked to hear of the sudden death of original UK mic-man David Emmanuel, aka Smiley Culture, after a police raid at his house. I'm not going to add much to the other tributes elsewhere, but I'll gently point you in the direction of an excellent mix exploring the fast-chat era of the UK reggae deejays, of which Smiley was a crucial part. The Lyric Maker mix by John Eden (of the Uncarved blog) and Paul Meme (Grievous Angel) is a great introduction and, most importantly, a crucial selection of Cockney and JA chatters.

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Looks like Grievous Angel didn't renew the domain yesterday so is offline. This mix on Uncarved: ?

My blog just links to the mix on Paul's site as well. Apologies for this, we'll get it fixed.

Damn - first time in ages people have a reason to come to the blog and it's down! Bloody paypal.

Anyway - think it's back up now!

OK it should be working again now!

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