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Supercollider 140

I first witnessed live coding when a pioneering trio of the scene, known as Slub, composed/recomposed an ever-changing rabid techno beast at London's underground toilet venue Public Life. Almost ten years later there's a bona fide 'live coding' scene. Many are now members of umbrella collective Toplap, including Dan Stowell, who has recently curated a curious little project, which can now be downloaded freely under the Creative Commons licence. When Dan started tweeting snippets of SuperCollider code he expected a lot of "throwaway waffle" but collated also a bunch of really interesting things. "Not wanting this stuff to vanish into the ether", he's now collected the best pieces into a special download here. Many of these pieces are actually generative, so if you re-run the source code (the track titles) you get a new piece of music.