The Wire



Issue 319

An exclusive interwoven collage from the Antipodean imprint ROOM40 that documents past, present and future sounds. Curated by Lawrence English.

No Download Available

Due to licensing restrictions ROOM40 is not available for digital download, only as a CD. The CD came with The Wire 319 and is available for purchase in our shop.

1 Mike Cooper “Surf Rise At Ko’olau”
2 Chris Abrahams “Black Sand Bay”
3 Greg Davis “Radiance Reveal”
4 Janek Schaefer “Coda For John Dankworth”
5 Tujiko Noriko/Lawrence English/John Chantler “White Film (Live)” Tujikonoriko.Com
6 Erikm “Austral Vrs Electro Parts.11”
7 Philip Samartzis “Toe Class 4”
8 Reinhold Friedl & Michael Vorfeld “Kehre”,
9 Matt Rösner “Fallow”
10 I8u “Boson”
11 Taylor Deupree "Live In Brisbane"
12 Jeph Jerman “NYC Subways”
13 D.N.E “Cycle”
14 Zane Trow “Initled”
15 Sebastien Roux “More Songs (Excerpt)”
16 Leighton Craig “Paths And Footprints”
17 Candlesnuffer “Honolulu Gum Music”
18 Xiu Xiu “Sashay Away”
19 Robin Fox “Impossible Futures”
20 Chihei Hatakeyama “Fkpkc002”
21 John Chantler “Stockholm Organ”
22 Asher “Circling”
23 Grouper “A-D (Excerpt)”
24 Pimmon “Limited E Country”
25 Steinbrüchel “Same”
26 James Webb “Autohagiography (Extract)”
27 Tim Hecker “Apondalifa (Excerpt)”
28 Ulrich Krieger “Cephei”
29 Dj Olive “Triage (Redux)”
30 Ben Frost “Feeding”
31 Rafael Anton “Irisarri Path”
32 Tenniscoats “Tasmania: For A Bay”

Curated and mixed by Lawrence English

Room40 is a label and multi-arts organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2000, ROOM40 has released over 75 high quality editions and multiples in the fields of electronics, improvisation, experimental-pop and sound art. Curated by Lawrence English, the label continues to publish in and around the margins of each of these fields drawing on a diverse roster of both established and emergent sound-makers. ROOM40 also produces numerous events, festivals and exhibitions in Australia and beyond.