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James Kirby, the musician behind V/Vm and The Caretaker, has announced that he will shortly be taking down his V/Vm website along with all related microsites, including his blog History Always Favours The Winners. Although Kirby doesn't know exactly when he'll be taking the sites down, he says that it will happen sometime before the end of the year.

Kirby, who has been regularly making his music available online at since 1996, goes on to say "It's a good time for it right now, to withdraw at a time when literally everything is twittered/twattered non stop and uploaded to three hundred sites or more... This year I have enjoyed so far as I have released nothing new..." Despite the impending online purge Kirby says "everything will be replaced by something, not nothing" and that new works by The Caretaker and Leyland Kirby are in the pipeline.