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Moon Wiring Club Commemorative Royal Wedding Album

The next offering from Ian Hodgson's Moon Wiring Club is a royal wedding commemorative album: Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married. The record announces "the marriage of her Royal Highness the Princess Jackie and Lord Regis Lechmere at Clinkskell Abbey on Friday 31 April 1911". This isn't a cut and dry Kate and William tribute, this is a spectral wedding that's taking place in a parallel time zone with the real world wedding, and instead of 31 April 2011, Clinkskell hosts its union on 31 April 1911.

Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married is the follow up to A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding, released earlier this year. The tale goes, from one album to the next, that Lechmere has won the hand of Jackie in a card game, and now there's going to be a royal wedding. The album is LP only, and comes with colour commemorative poster. Read the poem above for hints and riddles as to the rest of the festivities taking place in Hodgson's ghost town. Pre-orders are open at the Blank Worksop giftshop now. Watch the video for "Sly Gavotte" below: