The Wire


David Keenan Primer talk on Kosmische music in Belgium

The Wire will be in attendance at Laika and AB's Belgian one nighter in January. David Keenan is giving a talk: a primer on Kosmische music, and we'll be behind a stall selling books and magazines.

Also playing on the night are Fennesz, William Basinski, pianist and composer Anthony Pateras, Andy Votel, Samara Lubelski, Mittland Och Leo, and Mauro Pawlowski's reunited Evil Superstars, who will be playing a cosmic synth set. There's also a short film series including work by Stellar Om Source, Laurie Spiegel, Eliane Radigue, James Ferraro, Harry Smith and others, plus a preview of a documentary on Julius Eastman. More details on the event here.

Brussels AB, 26 January, 4pm.