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Mordant Music's golden ticket cassette

The latest release from Baron Mordant's Mordant Music is a run of 50 cassettes from Osmiroid, a duo Mordant says is comprised of "Commodore Meniscus & 'friend' – that's all I know". 49 are "mucus-tinged", and one is gold. The buyer of the gold cassette, the 22nd purchase, will also receive "a recently removed MMolar" and a bundle of Mordant Music vinyl.

Commodore Meniscus has released on Mordant Music before, having recorded a Travelogue for the label (MM039). Osmiroid is described by Baron as "a seeping mass of congealed brine working its way from cubicle to cubicle via Mancunia & Karlsbad". Listen to an extract below, and more details here.