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New festival of experimental electronic music launching in Europe

A new experimental electronic music and digital arts festival dedicated to advanced sonic practices in experimental, electronic music and expanded sensations is launching in Europe. UnScene's inaugural theme is Sinister Emissions and it will take place in the city of Niedzdrow in Autumn this year.

Peter Brötzmann will be playing with his newly formed improvising group Horn 'O' Plenty, created after he disbanded the Chicago Tentet earlier this year. The new group includes Joe McPhee, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Michael Zerang, Fredrick Lonberg-Holm, Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, Johannes Bauer, Kent Kessler and Mars Williams.

Also confirmed is a collaboration between national treasure Chris Watson and Icelander Ben Frost, who will present a cinematic sonification of the lifecycle of a psychedelic lichen unique to Iceland. Tim Hecker will be playing a version of Athanasius Kircher's Katzenklavier instrument, generated via custom Max For Live patches. Thurston Moore will be playing in a series of improvised sets where he will collaborate with every artist on the bill separately.

Demdike Stare and every member of the Modern Love roster will be collaborating on a live rework of the entire Radiophonic Workshop output, utilising an early answerphone voice synthesiser developed by Bell Labs. A recording of the set will be released immediately after the show on a limited run of hand-dubbed Betamax tapes with screenprinted artwork.

Matthew Herbert has been specially commissioned by the festival to develop a site specific performance investigating George Formby's forgotten years, where Herbert will be working with Rhys Chatham conducting an orchestra of 100 volunteer banjo players sourced from the local area, exploring the legacy of Formby's work via the discrete tonal differences in each of his instruments. Herbert has been granted special access to the Formby archive and will start work on the project next month.

The world premiere of James Ferraro's new crowdsourced durational opera will be performed, Snake, a tribute to the Nokia 3310, with a contemporary NY dance troupe playing the parts of the snake. The piece will be simulcast online using NetScape Navigator.

Occultic dark ambient electronic music producers who nobody has quite been able to tag, and whose names are largely interchangeable, will be soundtracking rediscovered classics of the oft-forgotten Czech Gothic-nasty genre.

Also on the schedule is a PAN label showcase.


is there a website?

Thanks for the information about this potentially interesting festival. What would be even more exciting, innovative and experimental would be if the festival would contain ANY FEMALE MUSICIANS AT ALL!! You have no idea how old-fashioned and non-experimental a festival with only men seems to us experimental women. Good luck to you in your male bonding exercise, and welcome out to the real world when you're finished!

link and dates please...

mouthdropping... could you specify the location? Niedzdrow seems polish but i can't really find it anywhere

Happy 1st of April.

i LOVE Niedzdrow, one of my fave cities! and Syldavia is such a beautiful country:

Ferraro snake Nokia opera simulcast on Netscape navigator would b sick


round of applause

Tsk - George Formby played the ukulele.

lol you got me

If only the Monty Python mouse organ were available for a duet with the Katzenklavier!

What is disturbing is the plausibility of all the above - which says something about the absurdity/pretentiousness of much of what passes as the avant garde. Regardless - I much prefer my garde to be avante even at the risk of silliness....

Hahaha, I sure was fooled by this one! Looking forward to the day when nobody will be fooled by an all-male festival because it is just too incredible!

Have never ears of any of these artists

The trouble is that this sort of art wank is par for The Wire

sad state of affairs, just reading the names (without going into the details) this line-up wouldn't have surprised me one bit !

new experimental music with
a. a free jazz group
b. Athanasius Kircher's Katzenklavier with max
c. thurston moore guitar noise from the 80s (quite new compared...)
d. ben frost i think he is from australia (but who cares)
e. demdike stare with occult osts from poland 1960
f.Rhys Chatham music for 1.000.000 banjos (next time bouzouki)

all those thinks are ok but new and experimental? give me a break

we (I) had enough

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