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Steve Reich’s video opera performed at IMAX London

Three Tales to be the first opera to be presented in IMAX in April

Steve Reich’s video opera Three Tales will be performed in April at the IMAX theatre in London’s Science Museum, making it the first opera to be presented in IMAX. The opera, devised by Reich with video artist Beryl Korot, was written in 1997 and first staged in 2002. It deals with technological events that helped shape the 20th century – the testing of the first nuclear bombs, the Hindenburg disaster and the experiments in genetic engineering that resulted in Dolly the cloned sheep – and uses audiovisual footage and interviews. The music is scored for a small ensemble and will be performed at the Science Museum by Ensemble BPM, which specialises in multimedia performances, with Synergy Vocals, the vocal group that premiered the work in 2002.

The first performance takes place on 22 April – a date that marks the centenary of the first use of chemical weapons in warfare. More details here.