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Kids’ Corner: Bill Wells’s nursery rhymes LP; One Love publish children’s sound system book

Yo La Tengo, Annette Peacock and Aby Vulliamy join Bill Wells on his nursery rhymes album; One Love Books publish children’s book about sound system culture

Bill Wells has written a new album based on children’s nursery rhymes. Called Bill Wells & Friends: Nursery Rhymes, it sees Wells collaborate with Annette Peacock, Aby Vulliamy, Yo La Tengo and Satomi Matsuzaki, among others, on traditional children’s tales such as “Three Blind Mice”, “Humpty Dumpty” and “Polly Put The Kettle On”.

In the last few years, he has also been arranging a collection of Christmas songs for the National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, as well as collaborating with Scottish vocalist Aidan Moffat. “Ultimately,” says Wells, “part of the remit of a nursery rhyme was to give your child some of the harsh realities of life, while sugar-coating them with a catchy little melody. But I’m losing that coating and going straight to the nub of the thing.” Nursery Rhymes will be released by Karaoke Kalk on 20 November.

More kids’ news: One Love Books have published a children’s book called Adventures Of The Sonar System. Written and illustrated by French reggae singer Ras Mykha, it introduces children to sound system culture and supports We Need Diverse Books, a campaign which sets out to support cultural and ethnic diversity in children’s literature. Set in a distant world called Tesfa, the book tells the story of a sonar system where, instead of the sun, the planet revolves around giant speakers, while people spend their time listening to music and building sound systems. The book is part of the Sound System Culture national tour. More information can be found here.