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Happened presents Taiwanese Experimental Music in London

Forthcoming at Cafe Oto, the artist-run collective curates a night showcasing four artists from Taiwan

This November London-based artist collective Happened will celebrate Taiwanese experimental music at London's Cafe Oto. Four artists will feature at the event, including Chiyou Ding on electronics, Alöis Yang with an audio visual piece, Yen-Tzu Chang performing homemade electronic instruments and Lucia H Chung with non-input feedback improvisation.

“This particular event comes about from my desire of bringing people’s attention to Taiwanese experimental and electronic music” explains organiser and performer Lucia H Chung. “When talking about experimental music in Asia, people firstly think of Japan, and then perhaps more recently China. Taiwanese experimental music seems to be neglected on the map and I would like to use this opportunity to introduce the UK audience to Taiwanese artists and their work.”

Cafe Oto's Project Space will also be host to sound installation Micro Loop Macro Cycle by Alöis Yang.

The event takes place on 4 November. More information can be found on Cafe Oto's website.