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Cera Khin's LazyTapes imprint unleashes first 12"

Marking the second release for 2018, this new one comes from Peder Mannerfelt

Berlin based label LazyTapes has come through with another release for 2018. Run by producer and Noods Radio regular Cera Khin, this new release comes from Peder Mannerfelt, and marks the first vinyl issue for the label. Previous releases include an early 2018 split cassette with Cera Khin & Christoph De Babalon (which The Wire streamed early this year), and last year's Guided Meditation, which had the DJ work with Bristol producer Ossia.

The Screws That Hold The World Together is released on 14 May. It features three tracks, “Shining Beacons Of Light”, “The Toad” and “Every Day Had A Number”. It's available in an edition of 300, hand-stamped and with artwork designed by Patch D Keyes.