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Ergo Phizmiz seeks funds for his new political techno spoken word opera

Avant Hard Collective need support for a 7 August performance at RADA Studios at Tete A Tete: The Opera Festival

Following on from Mahogany Opera Group’s time travel epic Mozart Vs Machine, and the community theatre work The United Kingdom Of Earth: A Brexit Opera, Ergo Phizmiz aka Dominic Robertson has written a new “techno apocalypse DIY opera” called Nibiru!. Performed by Avant Hard Collective , the work will premiere at this year's Tete A Tete: The Opera Festival on 7 August, but the group still need to raise £1000 to cover the cost of a rehearsal space, marketing, set materials, art supplies, transport and costumes.

“Avant Hard Collective invite you to join them in the party at the end of the world,” states their crowdfunding page. “The rogue planet Nibiru, as predicted by internet conspiracy theorists, crashes into Earth, and Nibiru! presents society collapsing into the black hole and having a wail of a time as it does so.”

You can pledge for various Ergo Phizmiz related items including Windpipe Moods sound poetry CD he curated, his IDIOT cassette, general paraphernalia, audio books and artwork. If you can't spare any money, you can still help out: on 6 August they are looking for participants to help build a giant capitalism mother monster, and they are also looking for more people to take part in the performance on 7 August.