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Listen: tracks by Selvhenter and the Eget Værelse cohort

Listen to tracks from the Copenhagen ensemble's forthcoming album, plus assorted Eget Værelse projects

Made up of trombonist and composer Maria Bertel, saxophonist Sonja LaBianca, violinist Maria Diekmann and vocalist, drummer and composer Anja Jacobsen and Jaleh Negari on drums, Copenhagen's Selvhenter started out as a trio of sax, trombone and violin but quickly took to their current configuration. Together and separately they release a variety of work through their Eget Værelse collective. Their Danish name translates as A Room Of One’s Own, a nod to the 1929 Virginia Woolf essay considered an important early feminist text, “though everyone needs a room of one’s own, their own platform to do things,” says Jacobsen.

In The Wire 369 Nathan Budzinski speaks to members of the Danish collective Eget Værelse about their various projects: “We were using the concept of the samurai then. At the start we all had to fight it out. That must’ve ended the band about 15 times!” We’re discussing the collaborative working methods of Selvhenter, who have been playing together since 2007. I’m with Jacobsen in her basement studio in the northern Copenhagen borough of Nørrebro, where we’re joined by Bertel. Two pianos sit against facing walls, alongside a tidy collection of instruments and equipment. “Now we’ve softened a bit,” says Bertel. “We have a vocabulary of energy, rules of energy, three times, then stop!” “You can follow an impulse three times,” Jacobsen elaborates. “If that impulse doesn’t go anywhere in those three tries, then you need to leave it.”

All Selvhenter tracks above are from their forthcoming album Motions Of Large Bodies (released by Eget Værelse in late 2014), Ymers Pizza tracks are off the Amplified Trombone 7" , Valby Vokalgruppe are from Bah New Era and Frk Jacobsen tracks from Lobsters.