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Beyond Jazz: Plink, Plonk & Scratch by Trevor Barre

Beyond Jazz: Plink, Plonk & Scratch: The Golden Age Of Free Music In London 1966-1972 Trevor Barre

Published by Compass Publishing, 2015 (334 pages; paperback)

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How did free improvisation, aka free music emerge? And how has this most arcane of musical forms survived so long and gained such loyal adherents? Trevor Barre seeks to answer these questions in Beyond Jazz, the first book solely devoted to the first generation of free improvisers.

Beyond Jazz is an account of the genre’s formative London years. It retraces the road that led from the music’s emergence in late 1965/early 1966, through to its consolidation and acceptance as a serious ongoing musical form by 1972, an outcome that was by no means inevitable during the intervening years.