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To Throw Away Unopened by Viv Albertine

To Throw Away Unopened by Viv Albertine

Published by Faber & Faber. Hardback, 304 pages, 2018.

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Faber & Faber write:

Establishing herself as an accomplished confessional writer, Viv Albertine's second book is a searingly honest account of her life post-divorce as she settles in Hackney. Ultimately a study in family dynamics, negotiating identities as daughter, sister, mother while always being an outsider, the book is rich with insight and peppered with quotes from other writers such as Plath, Solnit, Rhys which add another layer to articulating this particular female experience. With extracts from her mother and father's diaries, Albertine documents the fallibility of memory and truth, the psychic legacy of her mother and the anger and resilience that informs her worldview.