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The London based Australian multimedia artist was featured in The Wire 388 in an article by Tristan Bath

“There’s so much entropy in what could happen if you’re performing with various 16mm projectors, synthesizers, live voice sampling,” declares Sally Golding, talking to Tristan Bath in The Wire 388. “I often don’t know if they’re going to blow up or break, which they often do. I’ve been electrocuted!”

Originally made as an audio recording intended for vinyl release, Spirit Intercourse morphed into a video installation that was premiered at Exhaust, an exhibition curated by Erin Sickler at Contemporary Art Tasmania.

About Spirit Intercourse, Golding says: “Composed with light sensitive audio devices, handmade synthesizers, a voice sampler, and a contact microphone on a 16mm projector, the audio recording surmises moments experienced during the live performance of expanded cinema. The visual track mimics and interferes with these ideas – toy lights, torch and strobe lights shine directly into the lens of a smartphone camera to interrupt the video frame rate, making visible the shutter as system detritus. The vocals give the title to the track – abstracted from the pages and spines of dusty tomes referencing the Victorian Spiritualist movement.”

Golding is co-director of OtherFilm, an artist collective she runs alongside Joel Stern in Melbourne and Danni Zuvela in Burleigh Heads. She is also a founding member of London's Unconscious Archive series. Subscribers to The Wire can read Tristan Bath's interview with Golding via Exact Editions.

Credits: Spirit Intercourse (2015). Track and video by Sally Golding. Track produced by Spatial.

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