The Wire


Below The Radar 06

Track 15

Credit Scott McMillan

"Three Fragments"

previously unreleased

Fragments of sound/spoken text that found no home on the Entr’acte release Work 2006-11.
The computer generated sounds are by John Wall.
The voice is Alex Rodgers.
The image is from a live performance at the Entr’acte showcase at Cafe Oto in 2011, at which the following notes were taken…
“There was a similarly unsettling end to the evening, with the disharmonious spoken word and soundscapes of John Wall and Alex Rodgers. Rodgers seemed to be engaged in perpetual conflict: with others (‘Nutters! Nutters!’ he railed at one point), with Wall (a minor disagreement over relative volume levels), but ultimately with himself – the performance felt deliberately unstable, verging upon schizophrenic.” – Scott McMillan