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In Writing


Excess All Areas: Kanye West

August 2019

In an essay to accompany our Excess All Areas feature in The Wire 427, Daniel Neofetou dissects the psychological and musical overload of Kanye West


Forever in the present: an interview with Reynols

August 2019

Following their first live performance with a full line-up since 2003, the Argentine trio of Alan Courtis, Rob Conlazo and Miguel Tomasín tell Hernan Muleiro about their latest CD box set, how they met Pauline Oliveros, and what they want for Christmas


An audience of six in Chengdu

July 2019

Noisemakers are being used as guinea pigs to test new art spaces. It won’t last, predicts musician, artist and Wire contributor Yan Jun after a poorly attended gig in the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province


Iris Bearhope Orton 1925–2019

April 2019

Val Wilmer remembers the cloaked coffee bar performer who took a new approach to poetry reading inspired by skiffle, jazz, rock ’n’ roll and the blues


Davey Williams 1952–2019

April 2019

US guitarist Davey Williams died from spinal cancer on 6 April at the age of 66. Writer and friend Lee Shook recalls how their friendship expanded his musical universe

The Portal

The Great Reading List

March 2019

A reading list of over 20 music books intended to teach or educate, compiled by Wire staff to accompany The Great Learning special issue