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12 issues of the magazine

The first issue of The Wire was published in 1982. Three decades on the magazine remains committed to reporting on an international spectrum of underground sound and music by publishing journalism and photography by some of the subculture’s most original critics and observers.

A subscription is the most economical and effective way to receive copies of The Wire as subscribers get each issue delivered by direct mail. If you live in the UK you’ll receive each issue within 3-5 days of it being published; if you live in Europe or the US or anywhere else in the world, you’ll receive each issue by airmail within 1-3 weeks of it being published.

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Compiled by The Wire staff, Below The Radar is a series of download compilations showcasing some of the underground musicians covered in recent issues of the magazine. New downloads are made available to all subscribers four times a year. All volumes in the series are archived and are fully accessible by all subscribers.

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Also compiled by The Wire staff, The Wire Tapper is a series of CD compilations of new underground music. The CDs are issued three times a year and are sent to all subscribers by direct mail. Subscribers also receive each CD as a download. All volumes since Vol 25 are archived as downloads and are fully accessible by all subscribers.

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