The Wire



Gallery: A History Of The Wire In Musicians’ Letters

May 2017

To celebrate our 400th issue, Derek Walmsley trawls through 35 years of insightful, inciteful and even infightful correspondence from musicians in our monthly Letters page, whose gladiatorial appeal is described by David Keenan in an essay for The Wire 400.


Gallery: Jacques Brodier

January 2017

View a selection of unpublished artwork by the French musician, visual artist and inventor whose latest album was released by Penultimate Press


Gallery: the 1970s journey of Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

June 2016

Check out images of the extraordinary odyssey of Idris Ackamoor’s jazz group The Pyramids through the 1970s, from their genesis in Antioch College in Ohio through their journeys across Africa to their spell in the fertile Bay Area scene of the mid-70s.


Gallery: England’s Hidden Reverse and beyond. Photos by Keiko Yoshida

March 2016

View a selection of photos and artefacts taken from photographer Keiko Yoshida’s visual archives from 1983–86, some of which featured in David Keenan’s book England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History Of The Esoteric Underground, including Coil’s John Balance, Peter Christopherson and Stephen Thrower, John Maybury, Ross Cannon, and others.


Gallery: Photos from the AMM archive

November 2015

Take a look at some of the photographs on display at the AMM archive exhibition taking place as part of this year's edition of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival