The Wire


Below The Radar 06

Track 9

"Purred Applause"

previously unreleased

You delve inside your handbag and retrieve Almond Talbot’s travel-sized Psychophon. The strange, sweet sounds that issue from this antique device lull the puppet-creature into a swoony-state and you skip past into the hallway.
It is dark and very cold here. There are two large windows that look out across the neglected gardens. In the distance you can see a Moontower.
The croquet lawn is now full of sunken horses, who observe you with laconic detachment. Passing in front of a rotting mirror, you decide to quickly change your hair colour. Midway through choosing which burgundy hue, you pause and notice several figures reflected there that are not within the hallway.
The figures are quite insubstantial, but you can just about make out the features of the nearest one, who resembles an enormous cat. He calls out “I saw you, Missis!” and the mirror turns to smoke. Somewhat taken aback, you must act quickly or risk missing your tea.
Do you have a giant ball of wool? If you have this item, turn to 5. If you do not, turn to stone.
Blank Workshop