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Below The Radar 07

Track 2

"The Land Turned Over"

from the release

Meg Baird writes:
"Sometimes when it is rainy, my guitar will slip out of tune very easily. I expect there will always be some amount of water in the wood that will respond to other water in the air and change the lean of things. There is even water in the ground, in soil, that is supposed to have its own tide.
"It seems like burying something in the ground is a good way to get rid of something or hide something. But when something new germinates from what you’ve buried – even if it’s stolen – then it starts to belong to itself and might even come back above ground. I wish I knew something more about soil science.
"These new songs are just coming out now, but even before planting season started at the beginning of the year, this record has been playing in the greenhouses at an organic farm just outside Lancaster, PA. The farmer thought the plants responded well to the music, which I was very relieved to hear about.
Meg Baird
Wichita Recordings