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Below The Radar 07

Track 7


from the release Intersex

"That is amazing, under what kind of conditions were you filming?"
"Something like this you can only do once. These weren't the normal professional conditions. It began with me: direction, organisation, production, make-up, bringing these people together, shuffling dialogue around at the last minute. Most of the time we didn't work with scripts learned by heart, but decided on the final text just before and then varied it within the scene. Bernd, for example, who plays my boyfriend, worked out the dialogue himself, incorporating his own stuff. You really sense this in the film that the 'acting' and the 'characters' weren't so radically distinct. Nobody consciously mimicked something or wanted to be someone. The film is completely authentic and has absolutely no interest in being an 'art form'. It's taken from real life and the people are how they really are. For example, above me lives this fat lady. She's a peep show girl and worked for years in a private bar. We sat and talked for almost a whole afternoon, I realised she could tell really incredible stories about what she's experienced, so I asked her if we could film her telling the same story. You only had to nudge her a bit and it was like she unleashed an actress. She remembered her lines so perfectly because it was her own experience."