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Below The Radar 10

Track 10

"Centering And Displacement" (excerpt)

from the release Centering And Displacement

Label statement:

To manipulate a recording of the improvised process is to directly dilute spontaneous conception, and thank god for that.

Centering And Displacement was composed in the winter-summer of 2008 in Chicago.

A body of improvised source material was collected, segmented and organized by a simple chance operation. These segments were then orchestrated into a sound program and arranged by order of the strict composed form. At times, the score also regulated post-recorded effects to manipulate the original material. As the material was edited, it was divided into six separate channels (three stereo tracks). Each pair of channels was transferred to a cd and each was played on three cd players simultaneously, creating a simple six-channel sound installation. In 2011, the dense six-channel score was revised and reduced to two channels (one stereo track), which is now the final, preferred version of the work. The result is a centrifugal record filled with moments of surprise and complexity. Drums, percussion and electronics are at the core, revealing themselves with precision and radiant color. Frank Rosaly has created a piece of music that stands apart in the field of challenging music.

Utech Records

Frank Rosaly