The Wire


Below The Radar 10

Track 14

"Inertia, Rising" (Below The Radar mix)

from the forthcoming album Never So Alone

Artist statment: accompanied trip to Portugal in 2010 soon becomes a solo visit to Lisbon. The steep and winding streets at first seem uninviting, as unwelcoming as that left behind. It is dark, and it starts to rain. Doors are closed, but light filters out, making the uneven cobbles glisten. I venture out to capture the ambience of these empty streets, which suddenly erupt as celebrations begin. The mood instantly changes to one of joviality and warm smiles greet this weary traveller.

While exploring Lisbon, I discover the warmth and openness of the Portuguese; the peace within this large, busy city; the musicality in the undertones of this peace and the understanding that being alone does not have to be a negative state, is not automatically associated with being lonely.

I am unable to return home, an Icelandic volcano spewing ash up in a cloud that stops all air traffic and creates widespread panic. I enjoy this disturbance, that something so natural can throw all of our plans into disarray, with no end in sight.

This album marks a change in many ways; in preferring to be alone rather than lonely; in being trapped, stranded, but not lost. It becomes a positive, uplifting album with a happy ending...

Never so Alone is to be released later this year through Crónica (Crónica 073~2012). Simon Whetham Cronica Electronica