The Wire


Below The Radar 10

Track 2

"In The Depths Of The Ocean Is Our Capitol"

from the release Cruise Forever

Public Information label statment:

The glowing heartcore from deep inside a debut LP... its most tender, heartbreaking moment. The scene-Ballardian... like Kerans in his Drowned World, we bask on the beach at the Ritz, by the lagoon, at ease. The heat rages. Birds trill. Trees whisper. Suddenly torrents of bleeding digital noise crash at the calm. We are sucked under water through flora and fauna. Voices ghost in through the murk. A mournful string-refrain echoes and echoes and echoes... life flashes by...then after three minutes, the ocean drains. We soon surface. Breathless and blinded by the searing Sun. Through the glare-haze, Austin Cesear is there to take us to the next track, into the dark once more, to Cruise Forever.