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Below The Radar 10

Track 4


previously unreleased

Artist statement:

This piece is taken from a live recording at The Mopomoso club at the Vortex in May 2012, to celebrate the release of their album.

Anna Homler (L.A.) & Sylvia Hallett (Tottenham, London) first met in 1992 in a south London record shop where Sylvia was launching her first solo CD. It was Anna's first trip to Britain. They worked as a duo (aka Bread and Shed) in many improvisation clubs in London, and the UK. They recorded together in London and continued to record while apart, files winging back and forth between Los Angeles and London. Their album The Many Moods of Bread and Shed on the Orchestra Pit label was released this year. While evoking lunar landscapes and mysterious laments, they delight in atmospheric loops, chants, minor keys and a good tea biscuit.

Sylvia Hallett
The Orchestra Pit Recording Company