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Below The Radar 10

Track 9

"Feel Free (Hybrid Version): Live In Brussels"

Below The Radar exclusive

Artist statement

Recorded live during my performance/installation at Les Ateliers Claus's KLANKSON II Festival, which took place June 16th, 2012 in Brussels, BE. The one-day fest consisted of a four-act bill on the main venue stage (in the evening/night) and four sound installation rooms that were active for an eight-hour period (afternoon into night).

I was given one of the sound installation rooms to carry out a hybrid version of "Feel Free", for which I tweaked the piece's Max patch so it would allow me to seamlessly switch back and forth between the solo and installation versions of the piece. This swapping went on for the full eight hours; and because I had such a long period, to essentially perform the same material, over and over, I was able to explore new and fresh combinations/approaches to the piece.

The installation rooms (and main venue) were situated under the Brussels North train station overpass (you'll hear the rumbling of the trains a handful of times throughout the recording) and people could come and go into the rooms as they pleased (the sound of this is present in the recording as well). By leaving such ambient "noises" on the recording it allows the listener to experience the work in a similar way as those that were in my room.

This live recording captures an 11+ minute excerpt of eight hours of continuous sound. The first 1'45" shows "Feel Free" in "installation mode" with the remainder being a solo performance of the piece.

Duane Pitre