The Wire


Below The Radar 11

Track 10

"Ghost Of '58"

previously unreleased

Artist statement:

Sound artist and radio producer Robin The Fog has recently earned himself the unofficial title of BBC 'Resident Hauntologist', thanks both to his day job as a Studio Manager and the various activities he has engaged in since joining the corporation; including his recent album in tribute to the former World Service building Bush House (The Ghosts Of Bush - released under the name Howlround, the old BBC term for feedback), his guest-presenting a special edition of Jonny Trunk's OST Show examining the BBC's in-house record label (available here:, and of course his saving of some 2,000 Sound Effects records from one of their skips. The track "Ghost Of '58" was made entirely using processed recordings from one of the ancient shellac transcription discs, and a second Howlround album, inspired by the work of the Radio Drama department is planned for early next year.

Outside of the day job, he presents irregularly for Resonance FM, lives in flat in South London crammed with records and never puts anything back in it's place.