The Wire


Below The Radar 11

Track 2


from the release Innerly

Label statement:

Based upon poetical texts dealing with the fundamental question of time fleeting but never really settling down, Thomas Bel's music builds itself on a reflection about the elsewhere, imperceptible but always here. An unceasing searching towards this other time, in between nostalgia and openness to the after.
Willing to create a tangible alliance between the purely acoustic (guitars, cello, piano, fieldrecordings) and the digital (processing, drones,...), Thomas reveals deeply emotional instrumentations, sensitive soundscapes.

Each piece composing Innerly offers pure moments of lonely contemplation, the bow is struck to create abstract and emotional shapes that immerse us in a universe made of passé "baroquism" and slow automnal voluptuousness.
The sound material of the album is made of field-recordings based on wanderings or voluntary seclusion, guitars either "raw" or processed, fugitive piano notes, cellos and flutes sections intertwined with insistent drones.
The voices, always ever so fragile, are more and more present and are trying to bring back pieces of memory as a new skin through the broken or unpredictably contained singing.