The Wire


Below The Radar 11

Track 7

"Pi Scraper - Circumference Mix"

Below The Radar exclusive

Wired Lab statement:

Pi Scraper is an amplification and live mix of contact mics on the 100ft railway turntable at Junee Railway Roundhouse, New South Wales, Australia. This work was originally presented as part of the 'Rolling Stock' project, a site specific landscape scale arts project primarily facilitated on an 8 carriage heritage train which traversed the townships of Junee and Cootamundra, in rural NSW on 20th November 2010.

Presented for The Wired Lab
Concept & Curation: Sarah Last
Live Sound: Martin Hansford, Wombat Tracks Audio
Live performance recorded by David Burraston, Martin Hansford and Chris Watson

More information about the artists, The Wired Lab and Rolling Stock can be found at: and