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Below The Radar 12

Track 15

"Meanwhile, In Shanghai..." (excerpt)

Previously unreleased

Artist statement:

This stereo version is taken from a series of sound installations, consisting of dozens of radios suspended from the gallery ceiling. Each radio emits sound via local FM-transmitters; a constant flow of local news, music and chatter from around the globe.

"For some years now Urstad has been collecting radio clips that refer to concrete places and times: “23 Uhr in Deutschland, Cinco de la Manana en Madrid, Saint Johns 7:30 while 7:00 in Nova Scotia”. In “Meanwhile, in Shanghai..." these short clips are joined to form a composition in the exhibition space and, together with local radio stations, white noise and interference are edited into an open form. Dozens of different radio sets, suspended on long strings from the ceiling, emit a mix of live radio and pre-produced sounds. An audio dynamic sound sculpture is the result, which the visitor can enter, and which reflects on aspects of technical development and motion, on proximity and distance, and on globality and how we relate to it in a playful way. The idea of a universal time is questioned almost incidentally. Time, which is subjectively perceived, and the imagination of the visitors – “Meanwhile, in Shanghai” – seem to play their own game with both time and space."
Carsten Seiffarth, curator Singuhr Sound Gallery Berlin

"Meanwhile, in Shanghai..." was created following an invitation from Resonance Sound Art Network, and exhibited in 5 European cities throughout 2011-2012.
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