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Below The Radar 12

Track 6

"MEDICI #1-4"

For the series Topography of Sound

Artist statement:

*Topography of Sound: "MEDICI #1 - 4"*
*Sound composition by: Maria Chavez for Topography of Sound series*
*Recorded & Mastered by: Daniel Neumann*
*@Santos Party House, NYC*

"MEDICI #1-4" is a sound composition that was made in part for a series of Klangkunst sculpture pieces created by Maria Chavez entitled, Topography of Sound.

The term topography is used in reference to the result of cutting different sized grooves into a vinyl record which creates a micro sound sculpture that is invisible to the naked eye. There are only 4 micro sculptured vinyl records in existence that have this MEDICI composition recorded into them. Each record can only be performed a total of 50 times max as the quality of the recording and the fragile micro- sculptured grooves immediately become damaged when played under commercial grade playback needles.

For more information about where to purchase these rare vinyl records, please email with the subject line 'Topography of Sound':