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Below The Radar 13

Track 1

"Sukiyaki To Die For"

From the release Moody Coup

Artist statement:

Here's the first track from Moody Coup, it's called "Sukiyaki To Die For". The song has a fragrant palette built around a few bars of singing in the middle. The melody is a version of "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto.
Sakamoto's original ("I Will Walk Looking Up") has been repurposed a lot. I remember the melody from the 4 P.M. version, because it was on the radio in the 90's, but there's at least 15 versions out there, old and new. It was re-named early on, for export audiences - so the Suki title is unrelated to the lyrics, but it's the one that continues to be used. The story of the song is warped and confused - the lyrics have been thrashed and mistranslated.
That history felt parallel to my practice. I wanted to participate with this song. I recorded a version of the melody sans words, re-dressed it discreetly, and built a new sonic architecture around it. It deviates to the point that the familiar bit feels elusive, and becomes something like a scent. It's processed like perfume.