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Below The Radar 13

Track 4



From the forthcoming release darkness

(Nomart Editions)

Artist statement:

In 2009, .es ("dot ess") started out as a contemporary music unit based at Gallery Nomart, Osaka, Japan. .es comprises of Takayuki Hashimoto (guitar, alto saxophone, harmonica, etc), Sara (piano, cajon, dance, among others) and Satoshi Hayashi, producer of art and concept. Many of their performances are collaborations with visual artists, graphic designers, contemporary dancers, etc. Their sound expresses wide-ranging sensibilities in its lyrical, sentimental, intensive and passionate forms - and delivers evocative memories and feelings in a powerful fashion. .es is exploring new areas of expression. Their latest album is void (PSF Records). The sound source is a part of the forthcoming album, darkness (Nomart Editions).