The Wire


Below The Radar 13

Track 6


"The Choice of a Nubian Generation" (excerpt))

From the split release with Bear Bones, Lay Low

(Full Of Nothing)

Label statement:

Salford psychedelic collective Gnod have recently released a split cassette with Bear Bones, Lay Low packed with gorgeous neo-kraut trails. Documented back in the day, "The Choice of a Nubian Generation" showcases their trademark upbeat kraut repetitions, starry-eyed organs, swaying bass, weird guitar dubs and a motorik drum beat that's pounding its way to heaven. All recorded & mixed at the band's spiritual home, Islington Mill. Right after recording this instrumental the band went on to release two acclaimed "Chaudelande" volumes. Lately Gnod have ventured into their own "psych-tech" electronic territory with such vital works as "Presents... Dwellings & Druss" and the $&$ split and are currently shaking stages all over Europe with their constantly rotating line-up.