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Below The Radar 16

Track 12

"Do Not Hesitate to Touched"

Below The Radar exclusive

Rosanne Robertson is an artist working with action, objects and sound. Robertson is co director of The Penthouse: an artist led experimental art space in Manchester city centre and the curator of Noise Above Noise: a performance series showcasing Manchester's sonic underground and visiting sound artists from around the UK.

"My emotive state and the heightened energy of live improvisation impacts on my live work heavily with nervous energy being transferred into manic tinkering and compositions that bubble over the surface, fall apart, get overloaded and then tick back into place. The physicality of performing with sound is important to me. There is ritual to what I do, I feel very strong connections to the objects I use and the moment. Recorded works can be more contemplative but still hold a nervous energy - an overload of many feelings all at once.


I don't know if you have noticed,
but I am vibrating and so are you.

Put this in your mouth.

umpcht umpch chumpt umpsh
stumpmpch chumpch tchump
tuch tusch m ttttttttttttttttt a little tiny laughter in your throat
a pattern under you stuch ump
umpch chumpch glump tisk c
a patter n under your
gumn a patterna under a
umpcht umpch chumpt umpsh

It wasn't enough.

Touch Face."